Posted by: Ron Hanscome | October 29, 2009

HCM Software Selection — Way More Than Feature/Function

One the biggest mistakes organizations make when evaluating HCM vendor software is to focus all their energy towards determining which package best meets their feature/function requirements, while downplaying or ignoring a number of other significant criteria that can dramatically impact long-term satisfaction with the proffered solution. Of course functionality is critical (why else would you be purchasing an application in the first place); end-user stakeholders cannot be totally blamed for their desire to buy a solution that has (or appears to have) all the ‘bells and whistles’ they want. However, a single-minded focus on feature/function has resulted in tremendous long-term pain for a number of organizations, because they ended up with a functionally rich solution that failed to satisfy other key requirements (some of which they didn’t even know they had). To avoid this sad situation, project teams need to ‘balance the scales’ by ensuring that a number of other criteria are assessed as part of any evaluation/selection process:

  • Vendor Viability
  • Package Usability
  • Ease of Integration/Interoperability
  • Technology
  • Package Configurability
  • Package Scalability
  • Service and Support
  • Business Segmentation
  • Global Capability
  • Operational Effectiveness

Future posts will discuss each of these criteria in more detail, because there are some significant questions and nuances that the project team must answer. The team’s evaluation/selection methodology must also incorporate a way for the organization to rank and prioritize the importance of each decision driver, including functionality, so that each vendor package can be compared and a solution selected that is the best overall fit for the organization.


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